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Comes in four batches of twenty-five pieces per batch

The Process

An original process coming to the original blockchain to create unique pieces. All based on the principles of crypto and inspired by the wibrant aesthetics of the 86s and 905.

As each piece 1s generated using the coding of the HASH && DOT genesis piece #0 and the Ordinal ID of the predecessor Hash && Dot.

Each piece is like a link in a chain as all pieces aro goncrated based solov on the Ordinals ID of the previous plece.

The first visual piece (#1) links back to the genesis piece of HASH && DOT – piece #0 that contains the generative code itself.

Piece #2 is then gonerated based on the ID of piece #1, piece #3 is generated based on the ID of piece #2 and so forth. Effectively, generating its own semantic chain.

The Batches

HASH && DOT will be released in four batches, consisting of 25 unique pieces each. However, here’s the twist: only the first batch is guaranteed, and the subsequent batches are entirely optional. Tho decision to release a now batch hinges on the complete sale of the preceding one.Why this approach, you ask? The artist believes in a conscious and considerate approach to art.

Instead of bombarding the world with additional pieces, they have chosen to let the interest and domand of prospective collectors determine the growth of this collection.

By embracing this selective release strategy, HASH && DOT invites a genuine and organic growth process that not wastes valuable resources and energy.

Each artwork finds its way into the hands of those who truly connect with it, ensuring that the collection flourishes with intention and purpose.

The initial purchase price will also increase from batch to batch – from 0.005btc, to 0.01btc, to 0.02btc, to 0.04btc for pieces of batch four. A thank-you to all early birds!

The Artist

Christin Penz is working in the stress field between the utopia of the digital world and the analog realities. She is trying to demystify the concept of the perfect copy. Born in the early 1980s, she studied in Jena and Berlin, Germany. In 2012, she opened her first studio in Berlin Friedrichshain. As part-time DJane and Vane, she had early touch points with computer generated visuals. In 2020 and 2021, she translated her experiences into native digital art with various blockchain projects under her pseudonym OxTHISISCLICK.

With HASH && DOT she is returning to her crypto roots on the mother of all blockchains!


* only generated if batch one sells out


* only generated if batch two sells out


* only generated if batch three sells out

Every piece of the project is generated using the same p5*js code. Using the unique Ordinals ID of the previous HASH && DOT ordinal, a subsequent piece is generated using only this code and the ID. To preserve the consistency and completeness of the whole project, it is inscribe it in its entirety on the blockchain. This includes the genesis code block – HASH && DOT #0!

#0 is not a visual piece, but contains the code in text format. It is available for purchase for the iconic price of 1BTC.

(see terms before purchase)



Why, oh why?

Why not? Who would have thought that a generative art project for Bitcoin ordinals would be the missing piece in the grand puzzle of human existence? Well, apparently, the artist did! Because in a world where cryptocurrencies and artistic expression collide, why not push the boundaries and venture into the realm of irony?

So, picture this: a mesmerizing fusion of algorithms and blockchain technology, crafting one-of-a-kind masterpieces that tickle the senses and provoke thought. By harnessing the scarcity and cryptographic properties of Bitcoin ordinals, the artist creates an exclusive collection that’ll make art collectors swoon with anticipation.

But wait, there’s more! This generative art project not only the world to dive into uncharted creative territories but also gives the planet a chance to ride the crypto wave. Who knew that virtual currencies and avant-garde art would become unlikely allies? It’s like witnessing a unicorn tap dance with a rocket-powered toaster.

It’s an adventure where technology, irony, and creativity merge into a glorious spectacle. This very generative Bitcoin ordinals collection will hang in virtual galleries, causing viewers to ponder the absurdity of it all. But hey, isn’t that what art is about—making us question and laugh at the absurdities of life?